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Here at Sun Solutions Tinting we are providing a premium mobile tinting service. Why go to a shop and wait for hours while your car is being tinted when you can wait in the comfort of your own home or office? All we need to tint your vehicle is an enclosed garage with power and we can do the rest. In the event that you want to work with us but do not have a garage to work from we do have a drop off and pick up service to accommodate you. With years of experience and high quality window film we are the best choice for you.

We're based out of Palm Harbor, Fl. but we travel all over the Tampa Bay area. We are taking calls for appointments seven days a week and work hard to get you scheduled as soon as possible. 

Thank you again for your interest in us we look forward to working with you soon! 

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Why Should You Choose Us?

Office Building

Mobile unit dedicated to providing excellence

Beach House

Window film installation on commercial property with trusted professionals


Save up to 30% on your energy bill in your home with quality window film


Film Options


Automotive Window Film



Our entry level film is our most cost effective window film. If you're looking for privacy and some heat rejection that is easy on the wallet then this is the film for you. Available in 5%, 15% & 30%
**Heat Rejection: 41%
**IR Rejection: 1-2%



Our Standard ceramic window film is the most popular window film from our clients. Our ceramic window film has the best bang for your buck when it comes to added heat rejection and IR rejection. Available in 5%, 15% & 30%
**Heat Rejection: 58%
**IR Rejection: 62%


High Performance

Our high performance super ceramic window film is for that particular client that wants the very best we have to offer. This is the Ferrari of window films with one of the highest heat rejection and IR rejection properties on the market. Available in 5%, 15% & 30%
**Heat Rejection: 67%
**IR Rejection: 96%

*Prices are subject to change based on complexity of vehicle and amount of tint required. 

**All numbers represented in examples are for 15% window film.


Heatbox Demo


Automotive Full Windshield Options

The front windshield is the largest window in your vehicle. In addition it also lets the most heat in and you sit closest to it. Tinting your windshield will close the circuit on your car for maximum heat rejection. Also it will prevent your front deck from fading by the sun due to the UV inhibitors in the film.


Standard Ceramic


Available in 50% & 70%


High Performance Ceramic


Available in 50% and coming soon 65%


Areas We Service


Add-on Services

Sun Strip

A sun strip is a roughly 6 inch wide piece of film that is installed at the top of your windshield to reduce the glare from the sun. Florida legal limit is to the AS1 line on your vehicle.

Express Roll Down

Normally you would have to wait 3-5 days before you would be able to roll your windows down after the vehicle has been tinted. With our express roll down service you'll be able to roll them down that same day!

In House Warranty

This is a no fault warranty that is honored by the company. If you damage the film or need it removed and replaced for some reason then you will be able to do so one time under this warranty. Good for 2 vehicle windows or 1 back window.


Add-on Services


Additional Services

Headlight Restoration

This service restores headlights that have oxidized & turned yellow back to its original condition. Purchasing replacement headlight units are expensive enough & that's before the labor to dismantle your vehicle to replace it. Save yourself hundreds of dollars to get them professionally restored.

Tail Light Tinting

We use a high quality tail light tint that looks amazing. We offer tail light tint in light, medium, & dark options.

Headlight Protection

Protect your headlights from oxidizing and fading to yellow. We use an 8 mil thick clear film known as Paint Protection Film to cover and protect your headlights from dings and scratches from rocks and road debris. Also to protect your headlights from the harmful UV rays of the sun.


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